Electro-Plating: Surface coating of High Temperature Superconductors with Cu and Cu alloys*

Finishing HTS materials and conductors (contacting, joining, surface sealing) for the dedicated functionality: 20 micrometer Cu are deposited by a galvanic process on the HTS surface. Copper possess a unique central position within all the new HTS.

Coated Conductor (CC) tape with Cu shunt

2nd generation coated conductor

REEL-to-REEL  pulse  electroplating facility

Features, advantages

  • Shunt function
  • Improved conductor current and voltage stability
  • Mechanical stabilization
  • Easy joint and contact fabrication
  • Solder ability
  • Better thermal coupling
  • Multi – layer function
  • Conductor surface masking

* Patents:

EP 1313895

DE 199 64 478.0-45, 13902814 (Appl.)

REEL-to-REEL Cu pulse - electroplating facility