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Foundation 1992

Dr. Frank N. Werfel

Uta Floegel-Delor

Adelwitz Technologiezentrum GmbH (ATZ)

Naundorfer Str. 29

D - 04860 Torgau, Germany

Dr. Frank N. Werfel

Uta Floegel-Delor

- ATZ profile:

High Temperature Superconductors (HTS), bulk materials, magnetic bearings, energy storage systems, cryogenics, components for semiconductor industry, NC machining, galvanic deposition, coated conductor activities.

- Personal:

Physicists, Engineers, technical staff

Thomas Riedel

Renè König

Peter Schirrmeister

“ATZ has a deep-seated belief in the historical inevitability of new technologies”

“Energy saving - climate change limitation - environment protection”

Adelwitz Technologiezentrum GmbH (ATZ, foundation 1992) is an European technology Company with the experience in the development and production of superconducting high - Tc materials and components.  The Company’s performance is based on an in – house HTS material production of  more than 0.5 ton enabling to provide HTS powders, targets, bulks and magnetic systems. To control the way of superconductivity into applications – is our mission and challenge. We develop and contribute to prototyping of magnetic bearings and magnetic systems, flywheel activities, power engineering, conductor development, and cryostat periphery.

To contribute to our partners success means confirmation and success for us as well. We offer you top quality, continuous improvement of superconducting design, innovative solutions and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

The advantage and mission of such fabrication and processing is evident: Economy and flexibility in HTS materials and devices, and transfer from R&D direct into pre-industrial technologies. Hence, with this company mission superconducting materials and devices can be provided and delivered to a wide spectrum of scientific, technological and industrial customers.

ATZ’s technologies are accompanied by actual publications and protected by intellectual properties.