HTS  – Innovation by new materials and technologies

Adelwitz Technologiezentrum GmbH (ATZ), established in 1992, with almost 30 years background and experiences on superconductivity is a European company fabricating High Tc superconductors, components and devices. The strong in-house connections and competence in material science and mechanical engineering results in flexible HTS processing steps combined with the development of system technologies. AZ  has a deep - seated belief in historical inevitability of new technologies.

Fig.: YBCO, machined


The advantages of such fabrication and processing as the company competence is evident: Economy and flexibility in HTS material and transfer from R&D direct into pre-industrial technologies.

Hence, with this strategy the new superconducting materials and components can be provided and delivered to a wide spectrum of scientific, technological and industrial customers.


HTS Market expectation and analysis show a broad and high innovative potential with a high degree of industrial spreading and application in energy technique and mechanical engineering. Engagement, flexibility and cooperation will be the keys for technological and economical success.

Fig.: HTS magnetic bearing

Fig.: Previous HTS market expectation