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ASC 2014, Charlotte, USA

Galvano Plating

G-10, Cfrp materials

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ASC 2014, Charlotte, USA

Magnetic Bulk

MAGLEV 2014, Rio de Janeiro

Magnetic Levitation

maglev cryostat

Adelwitz Technologiezentrum GmbH (ATZ, foundation 1992) is a European technology Company with the experience in the development and production of superconducting high - Tc materials and components.  The Company’s performance is based on an in – house HTS material production of  more than 0.5 ton enabling to provide HTS powders, targets, bulks and magnetic systems. To control the way of superconductivity into applications – is our mission and challenge. We develop and contribute to prototyping of magnetic bearings and magnetic systems, flywheel activities, power engineering, conductor development, and cryostat periphery.

Adelwitz Technologiezentrum GmbH (ATZ)

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D - 04860 Torgau, Germany

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